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“we always take our clients seriously”

Our premier clients are businesses and multinational firms including banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, companies in the energy sector, telecoms, waste management and sanitation, heavy duty equipment and statutory authorities.

We work closely with our clients in seeking positive results for them. This has enabled us to contribute to our clients achieving specified goals and also helped many start-up companies become dynamic businesses. We are retained by large, small and medium-sized companies.


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We are a law firm with an unwavering sense of responsibility in our role as counsel and advocates. As a team, our various years of accumulating and acquiring a wealth of experience together with the diversity of our practice background and qualification position us to better respond to our client needs and service requests.

The driving force of Amstrong Legal Group which is that of diligence and excellence, is to deliver services in various subject areas of corporate and commercial practice and litigation, including but not limited to, corporate set-ups, governance, debt collection, due diligence, transnational advising and general corporate litigation with assistance from the firm’s competent attorneys.

– James Logan C.E.O